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Space Genie assists businesses in making the most of their parking assets. We'll come up with a unique solution based on your requirements in order to allot space in the most efficient manner possible.

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So you don't like seeing empty spaces wasted?

Space Genie allows asset owners to earn a passive income by leasing their unused car parking capacity. We create a collaborative nexus between the car park owner and the Parker. With thousands of customers across Sydney, Space Genie is the premier digital platform you need to make your unused parking work for you. Start earning today, contact us now on

pace Genie has a License Plate Recognition (LPR) solution for casual parkers which can be used on a site offering hourly spaces to casual users. This application digitally reads the parker’s license plate at the entry and exit point, allowing parkers to pay with a valid credit card directly at the exit point, with no requirement for a pay station or ticketing. The system is NFC supportive so drivers can pay with a digital credit card on their phone

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As the entire transaction takes place online, Space Genie gives Landlords a level of transparency which will underpin every aspect of the relationship. Reporting can be achieved by a range of means, depending on your preference for detail and regularity. Landlords will have Administrator access to the online management portal. To ensure we share the same patronage data Landlords can download reports at will. Space Genie’s powerful backend software delivers instant, granular reporting across a wide range of variables and we will meet any reasonable request for information.


Space Genie’s online booking feature has the security benefit to Landlords of knowing quite a lot about each Parker before they enter the car park – which creates a club-like relationship more like an Uber driver and passenger than a taxi. We record all data entered on our devices so we know the exact time of entry and exit. Space Genie usually knows more about its customers accessing the car park than the Landlord knows about tenants accessing the same car park because of the inherent security flaws of traditional swipe card access, most obviously, its ease of loss, duplication, transferability and unauthorised reuse. All Parkers are required to register and provide: • Full Name • Motor Vehicle Registration Number • Email Address • Mobile Number • Credit Card

  • Increased access to on-site parking
  • Reduce cost of external car park rental
  • Simple integration into existing systems

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