Benefit to car space owners:

Space Genie allows owners of parking spaces to earn a meaningful additional income by leasing their parking spaces when they are not using them. Through us you create a collaborative nexus between yourself and your unused parking spaces and the User in search of convenient and reliable parking. With thousands of customers across Sydney, Space Genie is the premier digital platform you need to make your unused parking spaces work for you. Start earning today, contact us now on

Space Genie does the hard work of leasing your parking spaces

Our System

Space Genie possesses a unique building access device. Upon payment, the User receives an exclusive access code displayed in their account, accessible through the website or mobile application together with a separate email confirming the booking. The access code is effective for one entry and one exit per day for the duration of the booking, unless arranged otherwise. The User enters the access code in the pin pad at the access barrier to enter or exit the car park.

  • Listing your parking spaces is free of charge.
  • Monthly payments to your nominated account
  • responsive devices

    Ideal for the following properties

    Commercial properties
    Development sites
    Hospitality (Hotels, Motels, Pubs and Clubs)
    Places of worship

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